The Course Crafters Guides to the ELL Market

Get the facts, figures, and analyses on the growing K-12 ELL market—the fastest-growing segment of the K-12 education in the U.S.—from the leader on the ELL market, Course Crafters.

This 2012 publication includes:

  • ELL Market Size Estimates: national, state, and district enrollment statistics; 2005-2010 total spending on ELL materials; spending projections.
  • The Education of ELLs, which provides the background and details of the Supreme Court decisions that make providing Language Instruction Education Programs for ELLs—and the funding for these programs—the law for school districts.
  • A practical new section on ELL Funding, written in collaboration with Kathleen Leos, former Assistant Director of the Office of English Language Acquisition, which will give you a crystal clear picture of how “ELL Tiered Funding” works, and help you successfully sell materials for ELLs to school districts.
  • ELLs and the Common Core Standards.
  • A section on the ELL Competitive Climate, including an overview of key market players, as well as a snapshot of best-selling products, K-12: the eight most popular technology products for ELLs (based on a 2011 survey), as well as a snapshot of top-selling ESL basal programs and supplementary materials for ELLs.
  • A section on ELL Challenges and Publishing Solutions—preK-2, 3-8, and 9-12—developed by Course Crafters’ Senior Content Specialist and author, Dr. Suzanne Irujo.
  • A summary of recommendations for publishers: a comprehensive, research-based approach, including recommendations for instructional materials; technology; professional development, data systems, parents…preK-higher ed.
  • A rich Appendix, including Course Crafters’ Checklist for Evaluating ELL Materials…
  • and much, much more!

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