ELLs, DLLs and the New America

Happy New Year!

A recent article by New America by Connor P. Williams says it all in the provocative subtitle:

Is there room for dual language learners in the new administration’s vision for the country?

What place will the millions of students in our country who come from homes in which a language other than English is spoken have going forward? This question has been haunting me since I woke up on November 8 knowing who our next President will be. The fact is that caring about these children—our children—has been a commitment for me since the 1970’s, when I was a very young English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in Washington, D.C. That commitment continues today in my work as an ELL author, consultant, speaker, and professional development trainer.

What will 2017 bring to the millions of DLLs in our schools? What will 2017 bring to public schools around the nation, and to the minority, often at-risk students who are enrolled in those schools? Those of us who are committed to serving DLLs and ELLs, who see the strengths of their contribution to the multicultural fabric this country, and who see them as the future of our nation, need to raise our voices even louder starting now.

I plan to start a series of blogs this year, starting with this one, and I hope you will join the conversation.

Lise Ragan