family-guide-k-2HMH Family Engagement

Authored by Sylvia Acevedo and Lise B. Ragan 
Designed and produced by Course Crafters, Inc.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, copyright 2017

HMH Family Engagement is designed especially for engaging English learner families, with the goal of improved academic achievement for EL students, PreK-12. The program reflects requirements and standards for effective, sustainable family engagement and school-family partnerships set by national and state frameworks, Title 1, and Title III, as well as research with families and schools. This comprehensive program supports development and implementation of a research- and standards-based family engagement action plan within districts and will scale easily to accommodate growing and changing ELL populations in schools. Components include professional development for educators, engaging Learn Together Workshops, Family Guides (English and Spanish), videos (English and Spanish), and HMH SchoolTalk app.

aln-cAcademic Language Notebooks: The Language of Math

Authored, designed, and produced by
Course Crafters, Inc.
Published by Perfection Learning

This supplementary program supports English learners academic success with on-level math by developing essential academic math language of the upper elementary and middle school curriculum. Correlated to commonly used math textbooks, the Academic Language Notebooks: The Language of Math program is modularized so that it can be used by language support and math teachers to pinpoint and address specific math performance gaps. Correlated to WIDA English language development standards and lauded by WIDA’s Dr. Margot Gottlieb: “What an incredible and much-needed resource for educators working with English language learners!”



Authored by Course Crafters, Inc.
Published by EBSCO Publishing

Read It!™ is a supplementary online product designed for middle and high school English language learners who have a basic foundation in English but need reading material at an accessible level to give them basic background knowledge, allow them to study and conduct research, and improve comprehension of academic material. Read It! content covers a wide range of subject areas, including science, math, history, culture, civics, literature, and life skills. The over 1300 nonfiction articles, informational texts, images, and step-by-step research guides support ELL success and develop comprehension across a variety of school subjects and life skill areas. A “Read Out Loud” text-to-speech tool enables students to highlight and listen to text at their own pace.